The repurposing of existing buildings either in part or in whole is becoming ever more popular. It is important to understand an existing building’s condition and suitability prior to any acquisition or for a better understanding of maintenance needs if within an existing property portfolio.

The ability of an existing structure to carry new loading is key to determining the viability of refurbishment and re-use. Building issues range from low risk, almost cosmetic in nature, to the more severe and costly problems associated with structural defects. Bolt Structures has chartered structural engineers with significant experience in surveying existing buildings ranging from detailed checking of large commercial multi-story frames to smaller residential properties for the homeowner.

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Our structural reports are presented to meet each client’s key requirements typically covering the following:

• A detailed description of the building construction
• Recording and describing building structural defects
• Determining the cause of the defects
• Highlighting issues that may influence property acquisition with suggested remedial works
• Recommending further investigations if required and identifying future risks and liabilities


Whether you need a homebuyer’s structural report or building survey for a multi-storey commercial property, our structural engineer surveys provide a detailed evaluation of a property’s condition and an in-depth analysis that reports on a property’s structure and condition.

Highlight any potential problems and building defects with one of our structural surveys to prevent unwanted and costly surprises. Whether you’re a homebuyer or landlord or need a structural engineer survey for an insurance claim, we can help.

Wondering how much a structural engineer survey costs? It all depends on the property type, size, and location, so give us a call today to discuss your particular structural report requirements. Regardless of whether you’re in Hemel Hempstead, Harrow, Maidenhead or Hertfordshire, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team in North London today – we’re here to help.