Feasibility studies are carried out during the early stages of a project to assess its viability with regards to technical, economical, legal, operational and scheduling (TELOS) factors. This can be particularly important when renovating existing properties as the changes that are made should not jeopardize the structural integrity of the building.

When considering the condition of existing buildings, the five factors noted above should be taken into account. Firstly, if there are any significant structural defects it should be decided if the building should be demolished or repaired. Following this we can assess design requests such as the proposal to add or remove floors, walls or columns etc.

Feasibility study and reports, what does it include?

  • Desktop study
    • Historical background of building
    • Current or previous technical drawings
    • Any other relevant documentation
  • Site visit & inspection
    • On site discussion in regards to structural surveys and reports
    • Review of site parameters such as building fabric & load paths
    • Assessment of relevant factors such as condition, adjacent buildings etc
  • Structural options & discussion
    • Assessment of proposed scheme from structural perspective
    • Whether it is technically feasible or not
    • Feasible design options
    • Discussion of options such as complexity, practicality, impact on proposed architecture, etc.

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